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Dexcom: Solidifying a category leader Dexcom, the leading continuous glucose monitor manufacturer in the U.S., engaged Allison+Partners to raise brand awareness and increase sales leads to address growing competition in the category. Our team created a fully integrated communications campaign built around a robust media relations plan, a video series and a revamped brand ambassador program. We began with strategic outreach based around compelling clinical data, resulting in...


Genetron Health

Genetron Health: Advancing Thought Leadership in Precision Medicine Genetron Health, the leader in precision medicine and molecular cancer diagnosis and therapeutics, engaged Allison+Partners to increase recognition of its contributions in the field among medical professionals and the public. Leveraging the Precision Medicine Forum, we developed a WeChat influencer strategy to feature Genetron’s diagnostic procedure and developed content to explain the role of neurosu...


Healthcare Leadership Council

Healthcare Leadership Council: Creating and Sustaining a Leadership Position in the Health Care Industry The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of executives from within American health care, is the exclusive forum for the nation’s healthcare leaders to jointly develop policies, plans, and programs. Operating on the principle that “all politics are local,” Allison+Partners works with HLC members and allies to localize, personalize and powerfully ...


University of Chicago Medicine

UCM: Helping Establish an Excellent Health Care Option for Chinese Patients The University of Chicago Medicine (UCM), one of the nation’s leading academic medical institutions, has been at the forefront of medical care since 1927. In recent years, it launched the green channel program, customized for Chinese patients, with the goal of helping them receive world-class treatment. Allison+Partners was engaged to increase awareness among Chinese patients and establish UCM as ...



CHEST Foundation: Encouraging Patients to Take a Proactive Role in their Treatment Plan Sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, is a perplexing disease to both the physician community and those living with it. As part of National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month, the CHEST Foundation and Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research launched its second annual “Sarcoidosis: Seek Answers. Inspire Results” campaign to reach both clinician a...


Dignity Health

Dignity Health: Take Back Your Morning It’s no secret that consumers are more plugged into personal digital devices than ever before. Most people also know that uber-connected smartphone habits are probably not good for them. But how do you take that not-so-cheerful insight and not only make it relevant, but also turn it into a positive association for a healthcare brand? Allison+Partners worked with Dignity Health to develop an integrated campaign in support of their...

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