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The Gateway to Innovation

Is Marketing Innovation the Answer to 2021 Key Challenges?

This blog was also published on The Drum.If 2021 had a mantra it would undoubtedly be, time for change. The pandemic brought all the challenges (and opportunities) for brands. In fact, marketers often pondered what to say, how to say it and should I even say it at all. Coming out of quarantine people want greater meaning and authentic connections with brands. Reflecting this, over 80% of marketing leaders are looking to rescale or reinvent the majority of their key strategies (Gartner, Jan 2021). CMOs need to drive to higher business level KPIs while lowering costs. Brands that understand disruption for what it really is — the gateway to innovation — will be on the best footing to not just survive, but thrive in the coming months and years.

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Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...

Take Me Out to the Crowd... An Epiphany

When it comes to baseball, I agree with NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long, who said in his induction speech: “In my opinion, baseball is America’s pastime, but football is truly America’s passion.”

I grew up in the American South, where football is an identifier and religion all rolled into one. You choose – or more likely, are born into – a team and it forever defines you. Some are luckier than others. I’m looking at you, University of Alabama fans.

5 minute read

Agency + Client Partnerships: Our New Paradigm

When friends and industry acquaintances ask me about the effect of COVID-19 on our business, I invariably give the same reply. Namely, that Allison+Partners has been privileged – blessed, even – to have made it through the pandemic thus far without making any of our team redundant, without implementing salary freezes, and even with our promotion cycle running as usual.  

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The Risks of Doing the Right Thing: MLB, Delta and Coke’s Gamble with Purpose and Politics

Americans live in a highly politicized environment, where truth can be utterly relative. The impact on brand reputation can’t be understated. MLB, Delta Air Lines Inc. and The Coca-Cola Co. recently spoke out against new election laws in Georgia, which some view as acts of discriminatory voter suppression. Yet, in standing up for what they believe is right, these brands have faced tremendous backlash.

6 minute read

The Art of Self Defense

COVID-19 arrived at my doorstep during a dark period of my life, when a hard breakup left me and my two dogs alone in an apartment in downtown Phoenix. I felt numb at first. But then that feeling faded and left me with the fear of being trapped between four walls, heartbroken and in isolation. I look back at that moment in time with gratitude now because it propelled me to where I am today.  

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